A Green New Deal

The plan for moving Australia forward

2020 has always been a significant year, even long before its arrival. But no one foresaw that this is what 2020 will actually turn out to be. Before COVID-19 pandemic, the bushfires have been giving us a glimpse of what to expect in the year. However, the devastating effects of the bushfires paled in comparison to what COVID-19 brought. For many people, the problems didn’t start with COVID-19, it started long ago with economic inequality, environmental crisis, and climate change issues.

However, what matters most at this moment is our next actions. This crisis presents us with a great opportunity to map our future and find a way out of the economic and jobs crisis while preparing us for a more sustainable and fairer future.

The Australian Greens already have a plan in place to achieve this, and that is the Green New Deal. The Green New Deal is our chance to create a fairer and cleaner future for everyone.

What is the Green New Deal?

The economic and jobs crisis that the country is currently facing requires bold investment and action plans to tackle it. The most significant of these problems are chronic employment, supercharged economic inequality, and the climate and environment emergencies. The Green New Deal is a plan for massive action and investment, which is led by the government to build a caring society and a clean economy. The government will take the front row under this plan as it creates new industries and jobs, achieves zero emissions as fast as it can, and ensures an efficient service delivery in which no is left out or behind.

The plan is not only for transformation to clean energy but also to correct the past injustices and rewrite the rules between Canberra and local communities. Under this plan, people will be in control of their future. This is why everyone must be involved in the plan.


A Green New Deal is a solution to some of the biggest problems facing Australia. To ensure that the plan is implemented correctly and developed with the local communities in mind, there are four guiding principles for it. They are;

Clean and Green

For a future to be considered fair, the economy must serve the people and the planet so that everyone can enjoy a good life. A healthy environment and a safe climate are essential.


For the plan to achieve the speed and scale of change that we need, it will take urgent and significant investment from the government.

Just and Fair

It is the duty of the government to make sure the transition is an inclusive one where no person is left behind, and it achieves climate justice.

People Powered

This plan requires everyone to support it and contribute to the vision for it to achieve its success.