Green Federal MPs

Party Members in the Federal Parliament

The Australian Greens is one of the major political parties in the country. It has had members in the parliament since it was established. This focus of this party goes beyond the environment and touches on several issues that affect Australians.  Green MPs do not just represent their constituents in the parliament, but they also speak for those who don’t have much say in the parliament. This includes the children, students, refugees, families and individuals living in poverty.

Adam Bandt

This is the Parliamentary Leader for the party. He represents Melbourne in the parliament and currently resides in the city with his wife, two daughters, and her dog. He was first elected into the Federal parliament in 2010, becoming the first Green that got into the House of Representatives through the general elections. For years, Adams has been the spokesperson for the party on issues such as climate crisis, employment and industrial relations, and energy. Adam likes to DJ and has a turntable for that.

Larissa Waters

She is the Greens Leader in the Senate and represents Queensland. Her first election to the Senate was in 2010, and she got re-elected in 2019 for another six-year term. She is the party spokesperson for Democracy, Women. Mining and Resources, Gambling and Tourism. She believes that a broken system can be fixed if politics is cleaned up. She lives in Brisbane with her two daughters and partners.

Nick McKim

He represents Tasmania and is the party’s Deputy Leader in the Senate. He is the spokesperson for justice and immigration, an advocate for a compassionate and humane approach towards refugees and those seeking asylum. He was also the first Greens Minister in Australia in 2010.

Dr Mehreen Faruqi

She is the senator representing New South Wales and became the first Muslim senator in Australia in 2018. She is a civil engineer and activist for environmental and social justice. She also advocates against misogyny and racism. She is the party’s spokesperson for housing, education & lifelong learning, animal welfare, gun control, local government, and industry.

Jordon Steele-John

He represents Western Australia in the Senate and is involved in community engagement and local campaigns to ensure a better future for everyone.

Rachel Siewert

She also represents Western Australia in the Senate and the Co-Deputy leader and Party Room Whip for Australian Greens. She is the spokesperson for family, community services and ageing, mental health, and first nations issues.

Janet Rice

She is the senator representing Victoria. She is a climate scientist and founding member of the Victoria Greens. Her portfolio includes LGBTIQ+, foreign affairs, forests, multiculturalism, Science, Research and Innovation, and infrastructure and transport.

Sarah Hanson-Young

She is the senator for South Australia and a spokesperson for Arts, Biodiversity and environment, water and Murray-Darling basin, and communications and nuclear.

Peter Whish-Wilson

He represents Tasmania in the Senate. He is a trained economist with years of experience that he now uses to fight excess corporate power, white-collar crime, improper trade agreements, etc.

Lidia Thorpe

She represents Victoria in the Senate and the first aboriginal to become a senator in Australia. She is the spokesperson for the sport, justice, and first nations.