Green Vision

Aims of Australia Greens

The Greens focus on finding lasting solutions to all the problems currently facing Australians through an evidence-based approach. At the moment, the current problems faced by many Australians include environmental destruction, the devastating effects of climate change, economic inequality, and the rising cost of living. The party has a comprehensive plan in place to solve these problems and build a future where every Australian will have their place. The plan includes;

Renewable Energy and Climate Change

It is important to create a renewable economy that will solve the climate change problem and create jobs while making energy more reliable and bills cheaper.

The race to solve climate change problems is a universal one with the effects of this problem worsening every year. Drought is getting more severe, bushfires seasons are becoming longer and more intense, and the sea levels are rising higher. With all these issues, Australia can take the forefront in tackling climate change and relying on renewable energy by phasing out coal which is the biggest source of climate change when it is burnt. It is time to transfer the energy system to a clean one where the country exports clean energy instead of coal.

Clean Up Politics

It is necessary to strengthen our democracy so it can work for everyone and not just the rich. One of the major problems at the moment is the corporate influence in politics that has made it impossible for the two major parties to make decisions that favour everyone even if it affects the big corporations. A well-functioning and strong democracy ensure that we all have a say in the system and those in the parliament don’t sacrifice our future for donations.

World-Class Health, Education, And Social Services

Everyone should have access to the basic things that we need to survive. This includes quality and free health care and education, cheap and affordable houses and reliable social safety net that will sustain us when we need it which could be when out of work, have a disability, or age. The Labor and Liberal governments have both failed at doing this for a long time, instead of playing to the tune of the big corporations while making people pay more essential services. That must change.

Public Ownership, Not Privatisation

When it comes to essential services, privatisation has failed us. The only group that has gained from such privatisations are the large corporations who get the deal to provide the services from a government bought with donations. The Greens believe banking, the internet, and electricity are essential services that should be handled by the public sector and non-private companies only looking to make profits.

Others include;

  • Protecting the environment
  • A home for all to end homelessness
  • A more equal and fairer community
  • Paying for our plans through fair taxation