Climate Change

Greens principles and policy on climate change

The impacts of the climate crisis on every aspect of human life are negative. It has contributed to the disruption of human societies, biodiversity, ecosystems, in many ways that include a rise in sea level, desertification, severe weather events, and changes in weather patterns. This has threatened the economy, water, food security, wellbeing of all living organisms, and social cohesion. It is expected that these impacts will worsen in the nearest future. This is why we need to seize this moment to transfer Australia and change our status as one of the largest producers and exporters of greenhouse gas to a forerunner in sustainable energy and creating a cleaner planet.


In line with this, the Australian Greens believe that;

  • The government and organisations are duty-bound to take action and find solutions to this crisis.
  • The effects of the climate crisis pose a threat to human societies, biodiversity, and ecosystems.
  • There is a need for urgent, sustained and equitable action at the global, national, and local level to prevent the climate change catastrophe.
  • The climate policy of Australia must be one with the country’s commitment to the Paris Agreement.
  • For us to achieve a safer climate, we will need to return the concentration of greenhouse gases in the atmosphere to at least 350 parts per million of CO2.
  • There is an urgent need to phase out the domestic use and exports of fossil fuels.
  • There should be a fair transition in place for workers and communities that are affected by the closing down of electricity generation and mining industries based on fossil fuels.
  • As a wealthy nation with large renewable energy resources, these resources should be used to benefit all Australians, and the country has a responsibility to be a world leader in solving the climate crisis.
  • The effects of climate crisis usually affect those who are already disadvantaged; thus, finding solutions to the climate crisis is part of building a fair and just society.
  • The price of energy should reflect the social, health, environmental, and all other external costs of production and use.
  • The government must regulate all energy infrastructure, and large scale energy networks and infrastructures should be in community and public ownership.


The Greens want;

  • A net negative or net-zero greenhouse gas emissions in Australia by or before 2035
  • To develop community support for urgent action to create a safe climate.
  • Australia to employ its economic, diplomatic, and scientific influence to promote deployment and development of clean and better alternatives to energy generated from fossil fuels
  • Removal of all government subsidies currently provided to the fossil fuel industry
  • Australia to have a leading role in the international negotiations that will create the multilateral emission abatement treaty.