Green party policies on education

The importance of a strong public education system cannot be overemphasised. It is essential through all stages of life and plays a paramount role in building a cohesive and just society. This is because it provides the opportunity to learn, and this unlocks potentials, thereby reducing the inequalities that may exist in society and giving everyone the chance to live a good life no matter their social class.


The Australian Greens believe;

  • Every child and person at all stages of their life has a right to education, and an educated populace is good for society.
  • Every person is entitled to free, high-quality public training and education.
  • Any difference that may exist in educational outcomes must not be because of the difference in power, location, wealth, gender, sexuality, or race.
  • The development of a fair, environmentally sustainable, and socially and economically just Australia is dependent on universal access to high-quality education.
  • The educational aspirations and outcomes of the First Nations people should be set and determined by the First Nations communities.
  • The Australian curriculum and education system must include cultures, histories, experiences, and language of the First Nations people. This also includes the professional training and development of teachers in such a manner as a substantial effort towards decolonisation.
  • The governments’ funding must be based on equity and fairness to make sure students have the chance to achieve their potentials and enable public schools to be diverse, high quality, flexible, inclusive, and responsive.
  • The decision-making process in schools and educational systems should be open to inputs from academics, teachers, all education workers and unions, as well as students and parents.
  • The conditions of employment and salaries of teachers and all other educators must be at a level that reflects the importance of what they do, their training, and professionalism. The conditions and income levels must provide teachers and other educators with secure careers and encourage commitment, thereby making the education system attractive to more people. Insecure work which includes casual employment and short term contracts, should be reduced throughout the education system.
  • There is a need for a high-quality early childhood education as this plays a prominent role in lifelong learning. Thus, it must be available for all Australian families on a free basis either through no profit or accredited community or public provider.
  • VET and full-time university students are entitled to a living allowance which ensures that they focus solely on their studies
  • The higher education system in Australia must be regulated so that it will ensure that international students are treated with dignity, have access to all services they require and are protected from exploitation.


The Greens want;

  • Increased funding for public education at all levels
  • A public education system ranked among the best worldwide.
  • More assistance for First Nations Students
  • Zero government funding for any school, tertiary institution or VET that operates for private profits.