Gender Equality

Greens policy on gender equality

The importance of gender equality to the development of any nation cannot be overemphasised, and this is why it forms one of the basic policies of the Australian Greens. The goal is to build a better future for all Australians and ensure that no one is left behind.


The Australian Greens believe;

  • Women are entitled to equal responsibilities, opportunity, outcomes, and respect in society.
  • Women are entitled to equal participation and access to decision-making processes in all aspects of life, such as political, cultural, intellectual, economic, and social life.
  • Women are equal to men in all societal spheres and should receive the same recognition and value that men receive for their human rights, knowledge, work, experience, and contributions.
  • Women are entitled to living free of fear, harassment, coercive control, abuse and violence.
  • The response of institutions to complaints of women, especially as it relates to sexual and domestic violence must be without prejudice or biases.
  • Cultural and social attitudes that fuel violence and discrimination against women can only be addressed after dismantling all structures that encourage inequality such as employment, education, pay, carers’ responsibilities and housing.
  • Women have the right and should be empowered to participate in the development and implementation of programs, services, and policies that affect them and lead.
  • Women are entitled to equal pay for doing work of similar or equal value.
  • Women are entitled to live free of any systemic, direct, and direct discrimination.
  • Women are entitled to make choices and decisions about every aspect of their lives, including education, sexual identity, health, reproductive health, births, child-rearing, their participation in caring responsibilities and paid work.
  • There’s a need to start valuing and acknowledging unpaid caring responsibilities, most of which are still handled by women.
  • It is the job of the whole society to raise a child.  Every parent regardless of gender should have employment protection, opportunity, encouragement and income to be carers.
  • There’s a fundamental, long term, social and cultural change that will end the systemic disadvantages most women face.
  • There is a need to create awareness and address the intersecting challenges that most women face in different circumstances in order to meet their needs.
  • Everyone from governments to organisations and individuals is responsible for achieving gender equity and equality.
  • Men must play an active role to create and promote gender equity and equality.


The Greens want;

  • The consistency of all legislation and public policy with Australia’s commitment to all human rights treaties and instruments, including the United Nations Convention on the Elimination of all Forms of Discrimination against Women (CEDAW).
  • The creation of Affirmative action initiatives that will ensure equal participation and representation of women in employment, public life, and social and cultural and opportunities for all women.
  • Coordinated strategies to address all forms of violence against women.