Responding to COVID-19

Greens response to the pandemic

The crisis caused by COVID-19 has revealed how fragile our health and social security system is. For years, the government has cut healthcare funding, leaving hospitals underfunded and leaving many people in a lurch. With COVID-19, everyone has realised that we are all affected regardless of our social class. This is the best time to come together and help everyone. With over 800,000 people already out of work, the government is currently struggling to recreate safety nets and services that once existed before it cut it out with underfunding.

Australian Greens response to COVID-19 is making sure that no one is left behind. Thus the party is working to make sure everyone gets access to adequate support and care necessary to survive this period. So far, the party has helped with:

  • Nationwide Eviction ban to protect residential and commercial renters
  • Additional Income support for those on Newstart
  • Support for the non-profit sector
  • Additional income support for students on Abstudy, Austudy, and Youth Allowance.

Green Party continues to campaign for;

Support for Workers

The JobKeeper payments need to be extended, and there should be no cuts in it. Any cuts directly affect the income workers who are already suffering enough. Any cut does not only affect the families and individuals, but it also affects the economy and instead of cutting it, the government ought to be extending it for those who were not eligible before but face hardships.

Protecting Homeowners and Renters

The response of the government so far puts homeowners and renters with insecure income at risks as they face an uncertain future with the impacts of COVID-19, causing a housing crisis for these people.  Millions of workers are at risk of losing their homes because they can’t pay their mortgages and rents.  The government must do everything to protect them.

Raising Carers and DSP Payments

Disabled people and their carers have been ignored by the stimulus package. This group of people require all the support they can get as the pandemic has increased the barriers and costs borne by these groups. Thus, the government must provide much-needed support for this group.

Fighting for Communities at Risk

Not everyone has access to the support and information they need to survive this crisis. Members of at-risk communities include the First Nations People, regional and rural communities, older Australians, disabled people, children and women, people in detention, and LGBTQI+ people. These represent a sizable portion of our community who are currently uncertain about the long term effects of the crisis for them and those they love; it is the government duty to identify these people and provide them with the right information and support for this period.